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April garden update

April is the month when the full force of spring comes alive. It is the season when the hopes and dreams of our farming year spring into life.

Garlic, which was planted last October, along with potato, multiplier and top set onions seem to have doubled in growth overnight. Everywhere you look, vivid greens radiate with the energy of new life. At the base of last year’s growth, new growth is emerging. Oregano, lemon balm, tansy, mint, chives, garlic chives, and a host of other herbs are replacing the dormant earth tones of winter with a carpet of varying greens.

New life has also sprung into last fall’s plantings of kale, collards, mustards, and turnips. The new growth is tender and mild with the sweeteners of early spring. With the coming of spring, our chefs look forward to the “bolting season” when the old kale, collard, and mustard plants begin to run to seed. The tender shoots with broccoli like heads have a very mild flavor and picked for culinary use before the small buds flower. The season for the bolt harvest is short, so it must be utilized and enjoyed during the brief time that we have.

During April, each day spent in the garden in an adventure in discoveries, for no two days are the same with new plants and seedlings reaching above the soil and into the sunlight.

John Coykendall, Master Gardener