Blackberry Farm

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Artisans Favorite Thanksgiving Sides

Chef Josh Feathers
Roasted turkey gravy made from the drippings and roasted neck and gizzards.  

Andy Chabot, Food and Beverage Director

Cranberry Relish (not the canned stuff, but made from scratch) is my favorite. After the Thanksgiving feast, it makes a nice addition to a turkey sandwich too – so I always hope there’s some left over.

Ryan Burger, Cheesemaker
My grandmothers poppyseed roll and apple struedel are unlike any others.

Jeff Ross, Garden Manager
The dessert table! I always save room for chess pie, apple cobbler, potato candy and apple stack cake. Then the day after, I shake off my food hangover with some great turkey soup.

Chef Joseph Lenn, Executive Chef of the Barn
Sweet potato casserole

Mary Celeste Beall, Proprietress
Dressing has always been a favorite. We typically make two versions - oyster dressing and a more traditional dressing, both with homemade cornbread. It's always tempting to eat the cornbread but incorporating it into the dressing makes a great accompaniment to the turkey. I also love that it is gluten free since we make a traditional cornbread from only corn flour.
Brussels sprouts are another favorite. I love when we can get them fresh on the stalk. They are such a gorgeous vegetable and a great texture to add to the plate.  

Liz Miller, Pastry Chef
I love onion casserole. It’s super creamy with the right amount of kick.