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Artisans share their best S'mores

 There's nothing like gathering around a campfire for s'mores with friends.  Our artisans always have a friendly battle of who makes the best s'more - you get the benefit of all of their techniques.  A classic favorite, get our artisans s'more secrets!

Shannon Walker. Preservationist
I think the best smore is one that is followed by a sip of fine bourbon.
Mary Celeste, Proprietress

I place chocolate on one of graham crackers on a hot stone near the fire for the chocolate to melt while I am slowly roasting 2 marshmallows to a golden brown. The trick is turning and keeping the marshmallows away from the flame but in the heat. Then, I use the toasted graham cracker and the melted chocolate cracker to pull the marshmallow off the stick. Gooey, chocolate deliciousness with some crunch!
Joseph Lenn, Executive Chef of the Barn

I hold the marshmallow at a distance from the embers, not the flame, until the marshmallow is browned. I also lightly toast the graham cracker with the chocolate on it so it begins to melt the chocolate too. It's somewhat of a balancing act, but it’s the way I enjoy mine.
Andy Chabot, Director of Food and Beverage

My trick is patience. The best s’mores include marshmallows that are gently toasted by keeping the marshmallow further from the fire. This way the whole marshmallow is melted and hot throughout and can help melt the chocolate. It also helps to avoid that all-to-familiar issue that occurs when you try to remove a marshmallow from the stick once the burnt outer layer comes off, leaving you with a gooey mess that you can only hope to burn off in the fire before starting over again.
Josh Feathers, Corporate Chef
The first thing you must do when making s’mores is hike 10-15 miles away from civilization so the camp fire will burn correctly. Put a Reese’s cup on the graham and sit it on a rock next to the medium hot coals. While the Reese’s is warming up, take a sharpened stick that you have sharpened with your pocket knife real good (You need to make sure the stick is sharp enough to kill a bear with or it won’t work right). Pierce the marshmallow dead center with the sharpened stick (careful not to take your finger off because it’s a long hike back to the car) and hold the marshmallow 6 inches above medium hot embers, turning occasionally until the marshmallow is a chestnut color. Squish your marshmallow between the toasted graham cracker and the graham cracker with the Reese’s cup.  

Liz Williams, Pastry Supervisor
I really like to have the chocolate half melted on the graham cracker before putting the marshmallow on it.  I also really enjoy chocolate graham crackers.