Blackberry Farm

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August Bucket List

Fur and Feather Combo
At Smoky Mountain Sports Club, Blackberry Farm’s private shooting grounds, there is quite the combination for the long gun enthusiast. First you say pull and out of nowhere, a “rabbit” clay comes rolling out in front of you. It’s a difficult shot because you never know when it will hit something and take a bounce! Then, as you fire your shot you here the second trap launch an aerial target, forcing you to react instead of think as you shoot the “Fur and Feather”.  Perfect for gearing up for the upcoming hunting season.

Tasty Nightshade
Enjoy an heirloom tomato like the “love apple” it is  - straight from the vine warm with the heat of the field.

Dinner in the Garden
With Blackberry Farm’s ripest and freshest batches of fruits and vegetables at the peak of harvest season, take some time to participate in summer’s garden escapade. Enjoy the grass beneath your feet and fireflies twinkling in the distance during our weekly Wednesday night Garden Dinners.  As the canopy of stars unfolds in the nighttime sky, enjoy a seasonally inspired menu featuring heirloom vegetables harvested just moments before adorning your plate.  Dine alongside gardeners enjoy the freshest tastes the season has to offer!

The Summer of Riesling Continues
Have a half bottle of 100-point Gunderloch Riesling TBA for dessert, a very rare experience.

Biodynamically Produced Wine
To celebrate Garden Month, drink a biodynamically produced wine from one of earth’s best vintners such as Domaine Leroy, Nicolas Joly or Cayuse!  

Back to School
Spend each day of Garden Month soaking in the history and wonder of our heirloom seed collection. The garden rows become a classroom to discover which weeds and flowers are as tasty as the vegetables. (Hint...most of them!)

Belly up to the Gambrel Bar
Stop by after dinner for a whiskey tasting.  We are featuring Bruichladdich, which is one of the most unique and special Scotch distilleries.  Only using ingredients from the island of Islay, Bruichladdich produces a range of whiskies that appeal to the wine drinker’s palate.  The folks behind these whiskies are visiting this month, the perfect time to try one of the twenty in our collection.

See Calderwood Powerhouse
Located at the top of one of our favorite kayaking destinations is the Calderwood Powerhouse. Finished in 1930, this beautiful building was part of FDR’s New Deal. It generates power by drawing water from Calderwood Dam, located ½ mile upstream. The water is diverted through 2150’ tunnels where it falls into the powerhouse to spin the turbines. We love this destination in the summer, because the water coming out from the powerhouse is nice and cool, providing an escape from the summer sun.

Fish the West Prong
With 800 miles of fishable trout water in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, there is always a place to escape. During the months of summer a favorite destination is the West Prong of the Little Pigeon. This stream originates in the highest elevations of the Appalachians, so it stays nice a cool, keeping the fishing excellent. It is a land of monstrous boulders and hidden waterfalls, so it is worth visiting for the adventure alone. In the lower stretches it holds rainbow and brown trout, with brook trout inhabiting the upper reaches.

Relax with Hydrotherapy
One of the most enjoyable spots at Blackberry is located within the Blackberry Farmhouse Spa, the wet room. This area is home to a host of hydro-treatments such as the Farmhouse Elixir, Cove Comfort, and the Mountain Spring Mint Mojito. Each treatment is a unique blend of natural products, refreshing water from the Vichy Shower or the Swedish Hose, and skillful technique.