Blackberry Farm

Friends of the Farm

August Bucket List

Here’s what not to miss for this month!
(in no particular order)

Al Fresco

Each Wednesday night in August, join the Gardeners for a lovely outdoor dinner in the Garden. The chef will prepare a tasty and memorable meal inspired by summer and harvested from just a few feet away.

Drink like it’s the 1800s
End dinner with a flight of Madeira which can include Madiera Wines dating back to 1834.

Garden Month
All month long, come to the Garden for daily tours, talks and tall tales about what we grow, how we grow it and how we are inspired by our forebears. Check with the Front Desk for the complete schedule.

Early Morning Spin
A nice way to take in everything East Tennessee has to offer, and to burn off some of those delicious calories, is to take a cycling trip through the countryside. Our guides will choose the best distance and route based on personal preferences, and will take you to places seldom visited by others. We like to get out early in the morning just after sunrise to enjoy the cooler air, quiet roads, and spectacular Smoky Mountain scenery.

Begin with Bubbles
Begin your dinner with a glass of the world renowned Champagne, Dom Perignon available all this month!

Relax with Hydrotherapy
One of the most enjoyable spots at Blackberry is located within the Blackberry Farmhouse Spa, the wet room. This area is home to a host of hydro-treatments such as the Farmhouse Elixir, Cove Comfort, and the Mountain Spring Mint Mojito. Each treatment is a unique blend of natural products, refreshing water from the Vichy Shower or the Scotch Hose, and skillful technique. Be sure to pair one of these treatments with your next adventure on property.

See Calderwood Powerhouse

Located at the top of one of our favorite kayaking destinations, lake Chilhowee, is the Calderwood Powerhouse. Finished in 1930, this beautiful building was part of FDRs New Deal. It generates power by drawing water from Calderwood Dam, located ½ mile upstream. The water is diverted through 2,150 feet of tunnels where it falls into the powerhouse to spin the turbines. We love this destination in the summer because the water coming out from the powerhouse is nice and cool, providing an escape from the summer sun.

See What is Brewing on the Farm
Tour the Blackberry Farm Brewery and be one of the first to get a sample of  one of our new flagship beers. Check the newsletter and front desk for times.

Visit the Garden to taste an heirloom tomato right off the vine, warm from the sun and embellished only with a hint of salt. Bring a bib!

Reserved for You
When it’s gone for the season, it’s gone!  Make sure to stop by the Oak Gift Shop and pick up some Reserve Wild Blackberry Jam which is made with blackberries from right here on property!