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Ways to Use J and S Barbecue Sauce

Who says you can't have BBQ sauce all year long? Here are some of our favorite ways to use our J&S BBQ Sauce!

Put some kick in your potato salad, simply mix into your favorite potato salad recipe one tablespoon of BBQ sauce and repeat until desired taste is created!

Marinate your mushrooms in the sauce, then roast them in the oven, and top the roasted mushrooms with Brebis cheese for a great canapé.

Make a salad dressing by mixing equal parts of olive oil or grapeseed oil for a fresh taste for a salad with grilled or veggies.

Take corn on the cob to a new level by combining with melted butter and create a tasty glaze for your next corn on the cob.

 Glaze on anything for the grill. Don't be limited to ribs or pulled pork as this sauce also goes great with chicken, seafood, or grilled veggies.

When creating your favorite meatloaf recipe add J&S BBQ Sauce as the glaze.

Spice up a BBQ pizza by adding J&S BBQ as the sauce.

Add flavor to baked beans by incorporating a touch of J&S BBQ Sauce with some bourbon!

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