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Be Prepared

There’s a famous chef that I know who is quoted as saying, “timing is everything.”

While I agree with this sentiment, I would add that while timing is important, it seems to favor the well-prepared person.

We prepare for those things which we know are going to happen. This allows us to manage the constant changes that occur every day in the restaurant business.

Menus are created and adjusted throughout the day and then adjusted again before service as the garden team brings produce to our door that may change a dishes composition. Plates are pulled and put in the plate warmers in anticipation of the night’s dishes. Thousands of stems of glassware are polished daily to fill the shelves in preparation for night to allow the beverage team to serve the great cocktails and wines that they are excited to share. Silverware is hard polished so that it gleams on the tables and sidestands. Napkins are pressed and folded and tablecloths are ironed so that there are no creases. All of these steps are taken so that the actual service can be seamless. Because we’ve prepared all the necessary tools for the job that night, we are able to focus on timing and execution. It allows us to focus on service itself which is the part of the job that we all love the most!

Preparation is everything!

Andy Chabot, Food and Beverage Director