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In light of wellness month at Blackberry Farm, we want to highlight some of our favorite fitness-oriented adventures. We do this, however, with the understanding that all of our activities can contribute to “being well,” even if your heart rate stays low and you don’t even sweat!

If you are a road cyclist, thawing temperatures in March may tempt you off the indoor trainer. If you are just looking to squeeze in a spin between a cooking class and a massage, our guides can provide you a bike with a sleek fit and lead you on a rolling ride through the foothills of these gentle mountains.

Guided aerobic hiking and trail running are other fast and focused adventures that couple a great workout along with the beneficial blessing of the fresh air and green woods.

But don’t forget—a relaxing and educational birding walk or a leisurely pedal along “River Road” on a comfortable hybrid bike may be just what you need to “be well” this month.

So whether you’re looking to speed up or slow down, check out Blackberry’s outdoor adventure gym!


Joy Hopkins, Adventure Manager