Blackberry Farm

Friends of the Farm

Beer at the Table

Regardless of the setting, gathering around a table with friends and family is a nurturing gift that firmly establishes deep-seated memories that we carry for a lifetime.  We remember conversations, stories, flavors, recipes, and we often remember a simple but warmly delivered toast.  

Beverages are an important part of a meal, and beer is enjoying a well-deserved seat at the table, so to speak. Our Belgian inspired, food-focused, and table friendly beers are the perfect accompaniment to enhance this opportunity to connect with friends and family.  We intentionally package our beers in champagne bottles for many reasons.  It improves flavor, increases cellaring potential, but equally important, they are designed to be shared.

So take a break from the rhythm of life and the daily demands that pull us in every direction.  Get together with some friends and family.  Grab your favorite Blackberry Farm beer and engage all of your senses. Feel the weight of the bottle and hold it as you unwind the wire cage and pop the cork, listen to the sound of the natural carbonation that has developed after months in the bottle, watch the liquid as you pour and it develops a pillowy-soft layer of foam, smell the soft and delicate aromas of the careful blending of hops and barley….then raise your glass…look each other in the eye….and tell the people around you how much they mean to you.  Then delight your sense of taste with the carefully crafted flavors in our beers that will enhance the foods you prepare, leaving you with a lasting memory of time well spent in the company of those you care about most.

Roy Milner