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Wine Growth

This past year at blackberry farm was a fun year of wine list evolution. One area of focus was Spanish wine. While we've always carried a number of incredible, small production wines from around Spain, there were a few classics that we had been missing. One of these was the esteemed Rioja Wines of Lopez de Herredia. Well, after meeting with the importer and testing some of these wines and hearing the commitment and dedication behind them, we were excited to add vintages of these wines going all the way back to 1947! While we weren't able to get a lot of any of these wines, it was and honor to get any at all. To further our commitment to this relationship, I'll be visiting this winery in February. I'll get to learn more about them and they'll get to learn more about where their wines are being represented. This type of relationship is important to us. It allows us to deliver a higher quality wine experience by being able to share anecdotes and stories about the winery that aren't canned or overly edited. We get to share not only the wines but also the history, family stories and culture behind these wines and it makes for a better wine experience and it allows us to grow as sommeliers.

Andy Chabot, Food & Beverage Director