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Blackberry Farm Pepper Jam and Honey Drizzle

The combination of hot, sweet, salty and sour is magic. It’s a base formula for the cuisines of the world. Our Tennessee farm grows bumper crops of all kinds of peppers that are perfect for a classic Southern condiment—pepper jam. The jam alone is a wonderful pairing on a cheese board, as a side condiment to meats, or to spread on biscuits or cornbread. Mixing a little of our honey with the moderately spicy pepper jam turns it into the perfect texture for dipping, or as a drizzle for fried chicken.

Makes ½ cup

6 tablespoons Blackberry Farm Pepper Jam
2 tablespoons Blackberry Farm Honey

Mix the pepper jam and honey together and serve at room temperature. For a slightly thinner texture, heat the mixture in a hot water bath or microwave, stirring every 10 seconds until the mixture is warm and pourable.
Store refrigerated for up to one month, bringing back to room temperature or warming before serving.

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