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Blackberry Farm Yogurt Parfait

Creamy, crunchy and slightly sweet, yogurt parfaits are a great breakfast or lighter dessert. Dress them up by building them in a wine glass or vintage champagne coupe, or make a quick breakfast on the go in a sealable, packable jar. Our Grain and Nut granola is a bestseller and works as a perfect layer of crunch with Greek style yogurt and our Blackberry Farm preserves and jams. 

Makes 4 parfaits

2 cups Blackberry Farm Grain and Nut granola 
2 cups Greek style yogurt
1 cup Blackberry Farm preserves or jam

In the bottom of a glass or small bowl, put ¼ cup Blackberry Farm Grain and Nut granola and top with ¼ cup yogurt. Spoon on 2-3 tablespoons of Blackberry Farm fruit jam or preserves. Layer on another ¼ cup of granola then yogurt and top off with another spoonful of preserves.  Keep chilled or serve immediately.

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