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Ways to Use Brebis

Get creative in the kitchen with your favorite Farmstead products. Brebis has distinct flavors of the first shoots of clover and alfalfa in the pastures. It is a soft ewe’s milk cheese similar to a Chèvre, has a rich and supple texture that is light on the palate. Brebis is slightly tangy, yet well balanced, making it a very versatile cheese. Enjoy Brebis by itself or try these Ways to Use!

Use Brebis to add a new twist on your favorite cheesecake. A traditional cheesecake usually begins with cream cheese or ricotta. Referencing your favorite cheesecake recipe, incorporate Brebis as a substitute for the cheese that it calls for.

Serve Brebis with a drizzle of Blackberry Farm Honey and fresh strawberries.

Spoon a small amount of Brebis into a sautéed mushroom cap and top with smoked trout for a delicious canapé

Mix maple syrup with Brebis and stir into your favorite cornmeal pudding dish.

Form Brebis into small, palm-sized balls, and encrust each ball with chopped pistachios or crushed Grain and Nut for a great snack.

Make Southern Grain Griddlecakes with Preserved Blueberries and Brebis using one package of our gluten free Southern Grain Griddlecake Mix with the additional ingredients on the label to make the batter. Then, top with one jar of  preserved blueberries and a half pound of Brebis.

Order some Brebis, while it’s still in stock, and start cooking!

Pairing Note: Brebis pairs really well with Sauvignon Blanc. Try it with tue Vogelzang Sauvignon Blanc, which comes from Happy Canyon in Santa Barbara area.