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Brewery Collaboration - Peel Your Face IPA

After brainstorming, flavor research and planning together, Brandon Jones of Yazoo Brewing Company spent a day in April at the Blackberry Farm Brewery with Brewery Director Roy Milner and Brewmaster Daniel Heisler to create a new collaborative release – Peel Your Face Orange IPA!

Brandon and Roy have a long standing friendship and love of brewing quality beer. The collaboration presented the perfect opportunity for two celebrated Tennessee breweries, and friends, to come together to highlight the East Tennessee region.

The hops used in this blend lend themselves to citrus flavors, and the citrus profile is in line with the cool citrus notes present in the Blackberry Farms Saisons. Combine that with the location of “big orange country” and an orange beer seemed like the natural fit. With aggressive citrus flavor, the brewing team crafted this collaboration to be a standout release.

Peel Your Face is a hazy IPA with a bold, bright taste. It was brewed with sweet and bitter orange peel and spent extra time aging on blood orange puree before bottling. There are some distinctly Yazoo things about it and some distinctly Blackberry things about it, making it a harmonious blend of the two that is sure to wow you.

Be on the lookout for the release this Summer!