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These foothills have long held the secrets of distillers and brewers that fought against the elements to create a comforting beverage. In our quest to share the ingredients, wisdom, and ways of the area with our guests from all around the world as well as to build upon a beverage program that our guests and experts alike have come to know as one of the most comprehensive wine and unique beverage collections in this country, we knew we simply could not leave out a very important part of life in these hills and on this farm. Having a brewery on our property gives you direct interaction with the process and brewers, the team to make the most of the beer pairings and the by-products of the beer making process. Today, we are excited to offer you, our guests, an exclusive tour and tasting of our beer. Come try our Classic Saison, Belgian-style Pale Ale and Blackberry Farm Dubbel.

The tour is available by appointment only, availability changes seasonally. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see behind the scenes of our brewery!