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Bucket List Whiskey Tasting

Sky-diving, staring down on Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower and visiting the Seven Wonders of the World are just a few examples of what a bucket list is for. Life is always getting busier it seems but it’s important to remember to slow down and enjoy life and all that it has to offer. At Blackberry Farm, we make time slow down and give our guests the opportunity to check things off their own bucket lists. Be it a long and relaxing weekend at our Wellhouse or drinking a rare bottle of Burgundy you thought you would never find; we make experiences like this possible. For those of you that seek out the world’s rarest spirits, look no further. The bucket list tasting at Blackberry Farm is unrivaled. You will have the opportunity to taste through some of the rarest examples of Bourbon, Scotch and Brandy that Blackberry Farm and the world has to offer. Led by one of our passionate sommeliers or mixologists you will get a personalized tasting experience that dives into the history of whiskey and brandy. With discussions focused on distillation, production of each spirit and producer biographies this tasting will help you to appreciate each spirit in its own right, all within the comfort of our gambrel lounge.

Join us for the bucket list tasting, sample the best that Blackberry Farm has to offer and put another check mark on your bucket list.


Logan Griffin, Sommelier