Blackberry Farm

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Celebrating Hospitality

One phrase has been the quiet cornerstone of every Blackberry guest experience for years: "Yes is the answer. What is the question?"

More than a catch-phrase, it’s a philosophy of extraordinary service and hospitality. It’s a definition of comfort that extends far beyond luxurious amenities. This genuine hospitality was first modeled by the Beall family and continues to be given shape by Director of Guest Relations Brian Lee during the past 20 years. Personal note on your pillow after a thrilling day at the shooting range or in the kitchen? You can thank Brian Lee for that. A bartender who asks how your early morning massage was? Thank Brian Lee. A romantic picnic dinner packed just for you late at night?  Thank Brian Lee. Over the years, he’s turned the Southern tradition of hospitality into a service experience so tangible and rare you’ll be talking about it long after you leave.

There is no face more recognizable at Blackberry than Brian’s. This year, we are proud to celebrate this 20 years of service at Blackberry Farm. He is the epitome of hospitality and Southern charm, and we couldn’t be more honored to have him on our team. Because I am here every day, our property has operated without the position or title of general manager for the past 10 years. That experience led to my new definition of GM, part of which is someone who can ‘generally’ handle any and all guest needs. I am thrilled to announce that Brian Lee will be our new General Manager. –Sam Beall