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Cranberry Claus

 It just isn't the holidays unless there is a little bit of cranberry sauce. Not a personal favorite of mine. But with a little bourbon everything is better.

Cranberry Puree:

                1 bag frozen cranberries
                1 ½ cup of Sugar
                3 ea whole cloves
                1 ea. Ceylon Cinnamon Stick
                1 ea. Orange Zested
                2 oz. Bourbon
In a sauce pan on the stove, combine all ingredients.  Cover and allow to simmer for 15 minutes.  Remove cinnamon stick, place in blender and puree until smooth.  Strain through a China Cap and chill.
                2 oz. Old Fitzgerald 1849 Bourbon (other lighter style Bourbons work as well)
                ½ oz. St. Germain Elder Flower Liqueur

                2 oz. Cranberry Puree

In  a cocktail shaker, combine all ingredients and shake.  Strain into a cocktail glass.  You can garnish with frozen cranberries on a cocktail pick or have some fun and use popcorn and cranberries on a pick to add a festive garland to the drink.