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Deep Healing Woods Activities

Deep in the woods, under a dense canopy of healing foliage, we connect with the earth, we connect with nature, and we connect within to revitalize our internal source of energy and vitality.

Instinctively, we are drawn to the forest. The sound of leaves falling and bird song fill the air. The hypnotic sway of trees dancing in the breeze stills the soul, while rich earthen smells refresh the mind, and heighten awareness.  

Enveloped in the vibrant colors, smells, sounds, and textures of Mother Nature, we find enhanced physical fitness, accelerated healing, increased mental focus, and improved biological responses to reducing stress and fighting disease. Here, we renew our sense of optimal health and well-being.

Ground-breaking studies have proven numerous psychological and physiological benefits of spending time in the forest. Currently, Japan leads research efforts with some of the most significant studies measuring the benefits of shin-rin yoko, which translates to forest bathing (also known as forest medicine).  

Research led by the Japanese found that trees and plant life emit airborne chemicals called phytoncides. These chemicals have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that help to protect themselves from insects and diseases.  Studies show that when inhaled by humans, phytoncides stimulate white blood cells to produce more natural killer cells (NK)—cells that help to fight against cancer.  Other proven benefits include:
Lower blood pressure
Reduction of stress through decreased levels of cortisol and adrenaline
Increases blood flow to the brain, improving the ability to focus
Mood improvement
Boost to the immune system
Accelerates the recovery process from surgery and/or illness
Improves sleep

Taking advantage of Blackberry Farm’s ample forest paths and trails in the Smoky Mountain National Park Deep Healing Woods activities were developed to impart the remarkable benefits of forest bathing to our guests.

As part of Blackberry Farm’s wellness program, a key objective is to motivate and inspire guests to make positive lifestyle changes towards enjoying a healthier and happier lifestyle.  One way we aim to achieve this is through education.

All of Blackberry Farms Deep Healing Woods activities are centered within the forest canopy. Activities range from moderate to physically challenging.  EarthFit offerings are meant to challenge individual’s physical fitness limits.  Deep Healing Woods Yoga offers a more moderate level of exertion, while the Meditation is a low-impact activity developed with a focus on mental well-being.

Earth Fit - Endurance Hike
Earth Fit - Forest Run
Deep Healing Woods Yoga
Deep Healing Woods Meditation