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Tornado Bourbon

Colonel E.H. Taylor Jr. bought what is now the Buffalo Trace Distillery in 1870. Almost, immediately after purchasing the property, Taylor began modernizing the distillery. One of the first things he did was to add a climate controlled barrel house. One of these brick modern marvels of the time, was Warehouse C. 
In 2006, Warehouse C was struck by a tornado as it torn through the Frankfort area. The building was still standing although it was missing the roof and part of an exterior wall. Even more amazing is the fact, that no barrels of whiskey that were housed there were lost.  In fact I have been told that not one even budged. See, Angels really do hang out around aging barrels of whiskey.

What was being aged in that warehouse was 8 and 11 year old whiskey that was destined to become the newest release of E.H. Taylor. None of the barrels from Warehouse C were removed during the reconstruction of the roof and damaged wall. So these barrels were exposed to the direct sunlight, wind and rain.  Instead of being released as just a single barrel release of Taylor, they have been blended in small batches, to become E.H. Taylor Warehouse C Tornado Surviving release. Because of the circumstances of this bourbon's aging, there really is no other like it that I have ever tasted.

I would like to offer a rare opportunity to taste not only this special release, but also the other releases of E.H Taylor at the Barn Bar and see the difference a tornado can make.

Andrew Noye, Beverage Manager