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Fall In to Our New Label Inspiration

Sometimes it takes a while for the obvious to rise to the surface.  We love the changing of the seasons here on the farm and in the brewery it means new inspirations, new recipes, and a chance to look at our program as a whole.

This closer look has been the impetus for us to change the look and feel of our Historic Ale Series.  This collection of beers is an intentional way that we pay respect to classic beer styles from the Old World.  And while we love all of our beers, there’s one that will always be just a tad more special to us and that is our Classic Saison.  You may have noticed that this label contains a unique script, but you may not know just how we arrived at using that particular script.

You might say we “fell” into using it because it is the handwriting of our Master Gardener, John Coykendall.  Blackberry Farm contains many classic elements that our guests have grown to love, but none would be more endearing, loved, and weathered with stories and recollections of days gone past.  John is a classic, just as the beer that bears his signature script.  And it was this realization when looking at all three beers in our Historic Ale Series that they should all carry this classic look and feel.

So we encourage you to “Fall” into our new labels when you see them on our website, and as they trickle into your favorite restaurants in the near future.  They aren’t flashy and that’s the way we like them, tried and true, subtle but full of stories. More to come on that restaurant part soon!


Roy Milner, Brewery