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Fall is in the Air and the Wellhouse

Seasonal transitions are once again upon us. Here are some wellness tips to get the most of these shorter days and cooler morning.

Waking up when it is dark out takes some discipline, but if you set your alarm 10-15 minutes earlier you can slowly wake up without rushing right out of bed. Enjoy some full body stretches in bed and take five minutes to meditate on your breath and clear your mind for a great day ahead.

Drink warm lemon water first thing when you get out of bed. It is a great hydrator, alkalizes your system and gets your GI system going.

Vitamin C and D are critical for your immune system. Eat berries and find a way to get some greens in your breakfast. Put spinach in your smoothie or saute kale and put it in your eggs. Have you ever had a salad for breakfast? A colorful salad with two poached eggs is very Blackberry and full of C and D!

Try to take a news detox. Put on your favorite music and dance while you are cooking. Enjoy your home and kitchen more with some fun tunes and a healthful meal to prepare. And whether you are a morning or evening exerciser, don’t skip it! Keep that ritual going through these shorter days and cooler months.

Get a monthly or bi-monthly massage to combat aches and pains and keep your lymphatic system healthy. There is so much research about the benefits of massage so don’t feel guilty about making these a priority. Facial massage and reflexology stimulates hundreds of energy lines and can ward off a multitude of issues. Ask for these areas to be worked into to your full body massage.


To your health and wellness!

Amanda Myers