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Fresh Wines for Spring

This is the time of year that I love the most. Or at least it’s the time of year that always elicits the most excitement from me concerning food and wine. It’s when Spring begins to show itself in those first few warmer days of the year that make you jump the gun and start yard work. When the daffodils and crocuses begin to bloom. It’s when you start to sense that the trees are budding before you actually see the buds. There’s an energy to it. I find that I actually smell Spring before I see it. The smells of the earth coming back to life. It’s a verdant, heady aroma that fills me with energy and excites me for the fresh crop of mostly green vegetables that I know will soon be making their way to our tables. I find myself drawn to and mesmerized by wines that are fresh, vibrant and often floral. These are the types of wines that can add lift and balance to the fresh, green and herbaceous foods of the season. Dry Gewurztraminers from Northern Italy that showcase sparkling acidity and herbaceous notes. Lightly toned Gruner Veltliners (for the wine geeks - think Federspiel styles from Wachau rather than Smaragd styles which can stay in the cellar until winter rolls around), elegant Sonoma Coast Syrah’s that have notes of flowers and black pepper (think Spring Lamb). Light, floral, lifted wines are what I love drinking this season.

Andy Chabot, Director of Food and Beverage