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Ways to Use Fromage Blanc

Our Fromage Blanc, is a fresh cow’s milk cheese that is creamy and mild. Rolled into balls or discs and dredged in our Blackberry Farm Fruit and Nut Granola is an elegant way to present a soft cheese on a board with other cheeses or added to a mixed green salad.  

Use Fromage Blanc to make Canapes on a Cracker.  Click here for some ideas.

Fromage Blanc Truffles Makes 16-20 spheres or 12 discs 16 oz. Blackberry Farm Fromage Blanc 1 ½ cups Blackberry Farm Grain and Nut

With clean hands, roll about 1 tablespoon of Fromage Blanc into spheres. Alternately, form 2 tablespoons or more (depending on how big you want the discs) of the soft cheese into discs that are approximately 2 inches across and ½ inch thick. You can roll the edges of the disc gently across some parchment or wax paper to give it a flat edge. Pour the granola out into a shallow bowl or plate and roll the spheres or the edges of the discs in the granola to create a crunchy coating. Place in one layer on a platter or tray and keep covered and refrigerated until ready to serve. When serving, allow the cheese truffles to sit out of the refrigerator for about 20 minutes to come to a pleasant temperature that is appropriate for full flavor.

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