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Half Bottles

We recently underwent a reorganization project in our cellars during which we relocated all of the half bottles that we have on our wine list to another location in the cellar that would make them easier to find when they were ordered. Like most tasks that would seem small at the outset, but this one quickly became a daunting and giant project. The reason? We have more than 400 different half bottles that we offer on our wine list backed up by nearly 14,000 half bottles in our inventory – this meant that we needed to move and catalogue and implement a tracking system for that many bottles to make the process of getting the bottle to the table seamless and to ensure room for growth.

Luckily, this project (large as it was) went smoothly thanks to Keith Kirk, our Head Sommelier who worked tirelessly for an entire week of his life to implement this - and now we are excited to offer our full selection of half bottles to our guests on a daily basis. The half bottle program mimics the full bottle program of our wine list. You can find exciting selections of half bottles in nearly every category that you’d expect to see on any wine list in the world. In fact, many guests mistake the half bottle section of the list for a full bottle wine list simply for its sheer depth of selections. You’ll find Chave Hermitage wines, Rhone Selections from Guigal, Burgaud, Rostaing and Brunel. There’s Gaja half bottles in white and red as well as Tuscan selections from a few producers. Cult Cabs such as Diamond Creek and Araujo from the United States complemented by small producers of other varietals such as Pinot Noir from Peay winery. In short, there’s something for every palate or every plate.

This extensive half bottle selection offers our guests a great chance to try a few different wines during their meal without being overwhelmed or having to leave wine behind as they might if they had ordered full bottles. It also offers a chance for couples to each have a wine that pairs perfectly with their dishes – even when their food choices are on opposite ends of the pairing spectrum. We’ve also seen guests that have always wanted to try a certain producers wine but didn’t want to commit to a full bottle and this suits that particular need as well. The half bottles offer choices more than anything else. That can be fun, flexible and hard to find.

Andy Chabot, Food and Beverage Director