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Holiday Cocktail #4: The Farmstead Hot Chocolate

The Farmstead Hot Chocolate
1 Cup of Skim Milk
1/2 Cup of Heavy Cream
3 Dashes of Fee Bros Aztec Chocolate Bitters
1 oz Housemade Vanilla Syrup*
3 Bar Spoons of Hot Chocolate Mix
1 1/2 oz Vanilla Infused Bourbon Whiskey
Whipped Cream
Chocolate, Cinnamon, Hazelnut and Nutmeg Shavings
In a container, add everything except the Bourbon, whipped cream and shavings.  Stir the mixture together and steam until hot.  In an Irish Coffee glass add the Bourbon and then fill with hot chocolate.  Top with whipped cream and garnish with shavings.
*Vanilla Syrup recipe: In a container, add 2 cups of granulated sugar, 4 scraped vanilla beans and 1 cup of hot water.  Stir until the sugar dissolves and then let it sit until it comes to room temperature.  Refrigerate in a container of choice.
Graham Case, Bar Manager and Mixologist