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Holiday Cocktail #5: Appleachian Winter Shandy

Apple-achian Winter Shandy
1 1/2 oz Apple Brandy
1 Bar Spoon of Blackberry Farm Apple Butter
1/4 oz Cinnamon Apple Syrup*
Cinnamon Apple Foam*
Rouge Double Dead Guy Beer
In a mixing tin with ice, add everything except the foam and the beer.  Shake till cold and then strain into a beer glass.  Slowly top the cocktail off with the Rouge Double Dead Guy beer.  Then add the foam to the top of the cocktail to give the appearance of a head of beer.
*Cinnamon Apple Syrup recipe:  Juice 1 cup of apple juice from fresh apples.  In a container, add the juice and 2 cups of sugar, then stir till the sugar dissolves. Place the mixed liquid in a small pot with 3 cinnamon sticks and then put on the stove over low heat until it starts to boil.  Remove the liquid and fine strain it into a container of choice.  Keep refrigerated for storage.

*Cinnamon Apple Foam recipe:  Take 1/2 a quart of the cinnamon apple syrup and whip it with two egg whites. Then, place it into a NO2 canister and charge it. The foam will stay good for up to 24hrs. 

Micah Talley and Logan Griffin. Mixologists