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Holiday Cocktail #8: Holiday Cheer

Holiday Cheer

Punches and ciders are the best way to get friends and family gathered around the dinner table during the holidays. They have this whimsical character and ability to liven up parties and bring a certain cheer to the air. I have always been the one to warm up ciders with spices and a few splashes of rum, or put together some fruit juices and bubbly to make a spiked punch, which always becomes the hit of the party. Remembering back on all the holidays drinks I've mixed up over the years, I thought I could bring together two of my favorites. By incorporating Prichard's rum, an aged and rich spirit, along with apple cider and spiced honey syrup, my classic holiday spiced cider was made, but not quite complete. I then mixed in blood orange liqueur, cranberry ice cubes, and Cava. The Holiday Cheer was made. It was the perfect marriage of cider and punch, with lingering richness and spice but with this refreshing finish that comes through as the cranberry ice cubes slowly melt, and the citrus fruit from the Cava and blood orange liqueur slowly fade away. The Holiday Cheer is my way of bringing two great party drinks together as one for you and yours.

1 1/2 oz Prichard’s Rum
1/2 oz Thatchers Blood Orange Liqueur
1/4 Spiced Honey Syrup
1 oz Apple Cider
3-4 Cranberry Ice Cubes*
Rosemary Sprig

In a mixing tin, add everything and shake lightly/briefly. Pour into a chilled coupe glass.  Top with Cava and then garnish with a rosemary sprig.

*Cranberry Ice Cube recipe:  Fill an empty ice cube tray with cranberry juice. Place in the freezer until solid.

Logan Griffin, Mixologist