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II Raduno 2nd Annual Truffle Dog Gathering

It has been a very eventful year with the Lagotto Romagnolo dogs at Blackberry Farm. In February, we welcomed two female dogs, “Alba” and “Emily” into our family. They came from Italy to be a part of our breeding program. Then in August, a sweet little puppy named “Zeta” came from Italy. This brings our breeding program up to three males and five females. “Lussi” and “Rico” were the parents of nine little puppies that were born September 21. All of these puppies have been spoken for, in fact all but four have gone to their new homes.

On the first weekend in February, we will be hosting our second annual “RADUNO DI BLACKBERRY”. This is when we invite all of our Lagotto owners to bring their dogs to Blackberry Farm to celebrate this wonderful breed. There will be truffle scent detection trials, an agility course and lots of playtime. We also will have fabulous food and wine, highlighting the Truffle, prepared by our chefs. This promises to be a fun filled weekend. It is not required that you bring a Lagotto to our Randuno, you can come and enjoy all the other dogs and the great cuisine.

It is likely that “Rolla” is pregnant and will have puppies in late January. We won’t be able to confirm her pregnancy for about two weeks, but we will keep our fingers crossed. It is my intention to have a total of three litters in 2012 from three different females. So it is very possible that if you visit us in 2012, there will be puppies to see!

Jim Sanford, Truffle Dog Trainer

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