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John Coykendall's Ten Favorite Things About Spring

Our Master Gardener, John Coykendall, shares his ten favorite things about spring!

1. Packs of seeds on a table awaiting spring planting.
2. The first tomato or pepper seedling to push its way to the surface.
3. Selecting seed corn for the year's planting.
4. Cutting up potatoes for planting.
5. Setting out onion sets in the warm soil.
6. Making garden plans while sitting by the woodburning stove on a cold, rain spring day.
7. When the first sweet potato draws are ready to set out in the field.
8. When the first spring plowing takes place.
9. When all the garden and farm tools have been sharpened, oiled, and ready for use.
10. Looking out over one of our fields after a spring rain and seeing rows of light green seedlings which have just begun there seasons growth.