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Key Lime Flip

 Holiday Cocktail #9 Keylime Flip:  Pie that tastes better as a drink!

Key Lime Flip: Makes 8 drink

Vanilla simple syrup
2 Cups sugar
2 Cups hot water
1 vanilla bean

Dissolve the sugar in the hot water.  Split the vanilla bean in half length wise and add to the syrup.  Allow to cool and then place it in a closed container that can be shaken.  Shake for one minute and then refrigerate over night.


 2.5 oz Charbay Key Lime Vodka
1oz. vanilla simple syrup
1 egg white
Juice of half a lemon
Juice of a lime

In a cocktail shaker without ice, combine the egg white and all the liquors.  Shake hard for 30 seconds.  Add ice again and shake very hard for 45 seconds.  Strain into a cocktail glass.  Garnish with a Lime Wheel.

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