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A traditional Pennsylvania Dutch cookie, Lebkuchen is made with molasses and candied citrus.  Some equate it to fruit cake in cookie form.  However, it has a lovely anise flavor to it, who has a kid I did not like. But now as an adult who has found a love of Absinthe, I found I enjoy them. They are better in drink form though. 


Preserved Citrus and Cherry Syrup:
             1 Cup Sugar
             1 Cup Sorghum
             4 ea. Lemons Thinly sliced
             1 Jar. Maraschino Cherries Drained

             1 ea. Orange Peel (Peeled with vegetable Peeler)

Combine all ingredients in a sauce pan, boil until lemon rind and orange peel begin to look translucent.  Make sure to stir often so sugar does not burn.  Remove from heat and allow to cool.
            1 oz. Root Liqueur
            1 oz. Snap Liqueur
            1 oz. Citrus Syrup
            1 dash Orange Bitters
            1 dash cherry bitters
            1 drop orange water

            2 oz. Bourbon

Combine all ingredients in a rocks glass with ice, stir and add a splash of soda.