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Lenton Rose

Barn Beverage Manager Logan Griffin and Kevin Trent of the Barn collaborated to create an enchanting new cocktail – the Lenton Rose! A taste of the fresh strawberry flavors sipped through mint infused salt and finished with the light bubbles of the Cava is like enjoying Summer in a glass. Cheers!

Lenten Rose
1.5oz Jackson Avenue Gin
.5oz Strawberry Consume
.33oz Stawberry Schrub
.25oz Jack rudy tonic
Splash lime juice
Top with Cava
Mint infused salt rim

To make the consommé, put 1 pack of strawberries (sliced) and ½ cup of white sugar into a mixing bowl and cover with plastic wrap. Place bowl over pot filled with 4 inches of water and put on medium/low heat for 2-3 hours. Strain the contents through a strainer and cool down for storage.

To make the schrub, muddle ½ cup of fresh strawberries with ½ cup of white sugar and ½ cup of champagne vinegar. Strain contents and hold.

To make the salt combine ½ cup of fine grain salt with 15 mint leaves in a food processor. Blend the salt mixture until the salt picks up a slightly green color and the mint leaves are thoroughly blended in.

To Mix: Shake all ingredients except for the Cava in a cocktail shaker filled with ice for 45 seconds. Pour the contents into a champagne flute rimmed with mint salt on half of the rim. Top with Cava.