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Romance and adventure unite in the antique tradition of Letterboxing, an activity which began during the 1850s in Dartmoor, County Devon, England.  Travelers hiking the English moors would leave postcards in hidden boxes along the trails. The next person to discover the cache would then post the letters, hence the name “Letterboxing”. Letterboxing has elements of a treasure hunt and was a forerunner of the contemporary sport of geocaching, which uses a Global Positioning System to find specific locations of hidden objects.


The modern version of Letterboxing utilizes log books and rubber stamps, which are often beautifully handmade, instead of postcards. Our Letterboxing adventure is guided through sets of geocache coordinates and should take less than two hours to complete. Supplied with a Letterboxing kit and a GPS unit, you can set out on foot, bike or by golf cart to discover the hidden caches on our own misty hillsides. You will be rewarded for your efforts by the fresh cool mountain air, time spent with your loved one, and a special treat awaiting you in our Gift Shop upon your return.

Letterboxing Kit with GPS rental $75

With accompaniment of Guide through the Adventure Series $125