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Meet Our Adventure Guides

Get to know a few of our Adventure Guides a little better! Click here to see some of the featured trips that they lead, including hiking, paddling and horseback riding! 

Biographies are listed respective to picture:

Joy Hopkins, Adventure Manager
Tennessee-born and raised, Joy has had much experience with outdoor adventures around this area. She’s been part of the Blackberry Family for seven years and now heads up the Adventure Department, which includes rock-climbing, cycling, bird watching, geo-catching and more. Her ideal day of activities would be a trifecta between horseback riding, mountain biking and swimming. Ask her about her adventure of summiting Mount Washington on New Years Eve—an experience she’ll never forget!

Boyd Hopkins, Guide
Boyd also leads guests on hiking and paddling trips. Though originally from the Firelands region of Ohio, he spent many of his adolescent years living in Tennessee, North Carolina and Kentucky and would definitely call the Smoky Mountains “home.” Mostly on horseback, he served as a guide in the park for 20 years, and now loves using his vast knowledge of the area to lead Blackberry Farm guests on hikes and other adventures. Boyd has been an asset to Blackberry Farm for three years now and has even spent three weeks building the new on-property Boundary Trail by hand! He’s now married to Joy, our Adventure Manager.

Lindsay Moyer, Guide
Lindsay has been leading various hiking, paddling and archery trips, as well as Farmstead tours at Blackberry Farm for the past four years. She loves combining travel and overnight backpacking, and has hiked the Kalalau trail along the NaPali coast of Kauai, Hawaii. She also hopes to conquer the John Muir trail in the next couple of years—211 miles! She loves exploring the Great Smoky Mountains with guests and sharing that experience with them.

Dwight McCarter, Guide
Since 1981, Dwight has been making impacts on Blackberry Farm and its guests. He leads hikes on and off property and teaches guests about the nature, history, culture and geology of the explored area. His vast knowledge, passion for wildlife, as well as his own history leave guests fascinated and interested in the area around them. Dwight truly has proven to be a legend at Blackberry Farm, and if you have the chance to spend some time with him, take the opportunity!

Debbie Lashley, Guide
(Not Pictured)

Debbie grew up in Farmington, North Carolina and has been leading guests at Blackberry Farm for over three years. She leads canoeing, kayaking, equestrian, biking, SUP and hiking trips, as well as teaches archery and rock climbing. She’s been involved in outdoor education activities since 1993, and has taken part in various equestrian competitions, including endurance rides. The farthest she’s ever ridden on horseback was 65 miles, only because she missed a turn on her 50 mile route! It’s always an adventure with Debbie as your guide!