Blackberry Farm

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Meet the Artisan

It wasn’t until Chris Osborne was old enough to work his first job in a restaurant kitchen that he experienced natural
and organic foods for the first time. He quickly became passionate about quality and taste, gaining a
new appreciation for farmers and small producers. His path eventually led him to Blackberry Farm in 2015,
where he assumed responsibility for cheese production on the farm. His work quickly earned recognition and
awards. Chris’ passion for quality, farm-fresh products has only grown over the years, and today, his
favorite part of the job is discovering the nuanced flavor differences of our cheese from batch to batch—the

esult of a process led by the seasons.

Hawkin’s Haze

An ash surface ripened sheep’s milk cheese, it gets its name from the ash line that runs
through its interior, representing the Hawkin’s line that crosses through Blackberry Farm.
Pair this cheese with aged balsamic vinegar and crisp champagne.


Fresh sheep’s milk cheese with a creamy texture and notes of citrus. This pairs beautifully
with our strawberry preserves or fresh fruit.

Fromage Au Poive

A three-ounce boule infused with green and pink peppercorns. The pepper flavor
plays well with the mushroom notes of the rind. Enjoy this cheese by itself or with fresh
berries and a glass of white wine.