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Meet the Butcher

Michael Sullivan’s larger than life personality and passion for old traditions have accompanied him through his travels all over the country touting the benefits of Lard and heritage pigs. You cannot miss this dynamic artisan! Learning the importance of passion from his father, a baker who was delighted to wake up before dawn and discover how his yeast had changed overnight, Sullivan assumed the same joy and love for his work, but in a different field. He became a minister. By his early thirties, he left the church and moved his family to upstate New York where he attended the Culinary Institute of America. Working in the


MEET BUTCHER the kitchens at Blackberry Farm since 2004, he became our first dedicated butcher and led us into our meat curing program in 2007. “I am all about heritage and tradition; I go back into time rather than forward to learn,” he says. “I butcher every ounce that I use. It is my responsibility. I hand tie my sausages the Old Italian way with hemp—it grips the casing better. I mix meats with my hands so that people taste the human touch, not some cold, stainless steel machine.” Today Michael is nationally recognized and referred to as the “Reverend of Fat!”