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Mindful Breathing in Yoga

Conscious breathing during yoga practice helps you withdraw your senses from the external environment and tune into the internal. This "tuning in" taps into the mind and body connection. A beautiful and effortless flow evolves when you time the movement of the body to the breath.

This same idea transfers into everyday life as a way to combat feelings like stress, anxiety and anger. Mindful breathing consists mainly of taking the time to let go of any unspoken thoughts or words and noticing your inhale, exhale and the even the pause between. We do this in order to give the thinking mind a break which, in turn, calms the central nervous system by activating the parasympathetic system.

When the parasympathetic system is activated we are able to digest food more easily, our muscles are better able to relax, and our bodies can even conserve more energy to maintain a healthy balance in the body's complex systems.

Get accustomed to this habit by practicing whenever there is a spare moment to check in with your breathing. When we allow the breath to be our focus the body can find more of an equilibrium for rest and relaxation.

5 Times to Practice Mindful Breathing in Everyday Life
Our wellness experts encourage you to take the practice of mindful breathing into life beyond the Farm. Here are 5 times to practice mindful breathing in your everyday life:

1. When you get into your car to go to work, take an extra minute to allow the thinking mind to stop and just breathe.
2. If you are feeling anxious, notice the rise and fall of your breath and focus on the calming breathing cycle.
3. Set aside a moment in the middle of your day, no matter your mood, and take a few deep, healing breaths.
4. If your temper is flaring, avert your attention from the thoughts making you angry and zone in on your inhale and exhale.
5. Before going to sleep at night, acknowledge the breath in your body.