Blackberry Farm

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"Must Do" Spring Adventures

Blackberry Farm offers one-of-a-kind programs to connect you with nature in every season. As Spring blooms in the Smoky Mountains, get out and experience the beauty of a Blackberry Spring with these adventure opportunities.

BIRDING: Surprisingly adventurous and exciting, a naturalist-led bird walk will educate and enlighten you about the 200 plus species of birds that we are blessed to encounter at Blackberry. Springtime, of course, is an active and dynamic season in a bird’s life. Begin a quiet morning on the farm with a pair of binoculars and a checklist, and prepare for the unexpected!

LETTERBOXING: Our new Letterboxing course will debut by April. This GPS-led treasure hunt will be appreciated by artists, explorers, and imaginative thinkers. Both physically challenging and mentally puzzling, the course will also give seekers the opportunity to see many facets of farm life and finish with a memorable keepsake of Blackberry icons.

WILDFLOWER HIKE IN THE SMOKIES: Having the climate of a temperate rainforest along with a wide range of elevations, the Smoky Mountains are one of the most unique areas in the United States for flora and fauna. Every Spring, pilgrims enter the park with their field guides and cameras, excited to view, identify, and record the beauty that rises from the soil. Our guides know the backroads and the lesser-known paths where we can experience and appreciate these glorious gifts and the fresh, green air of the season.

COUNTY LINE COASTING RIDE: Remember being a kid and riding your bike down a big, long hill? Relive your childhood and create new memories on our coasting bike ride. The ride starts with a four mile gradual downhill pedal on a scenic country road that parallels a mountain stream. A short uphill will lead you to a refreshing one mile descent. To really work up your appetite for lunch, finish by cycling back to Blackberry Farm or detouring off to continue your cool, refreshing ride.

CREATIVE PRESENCE: Studies have shown that painting is a mindful task that has the power to engage your brain, improve your mood, and kindle creativity. We invite you to experience meditation as an expression of presence through watercolor. Mindfully painting means being fully present with each stroke and color choice and finding freedom and joy in the creative process while abandoning hesitation or concern for the finished piece.