Blackberry Farm

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November Bucket List

Wine and Cheese
Join us for wine and cheese tastings on Saturday afternoons in the wine cellar.  Space is limited.  Call the front desk to reserve your spot.

Learn about Fox Hunting
Fall brings the opening of fox hunting season. Whether you just want to learn about the sport or are a seasoned member of a local hunt club, stop by the horse stables to learn more about the beauty and tradition of this pastime. We can introduce you to English style riding, offer a lesson, or take you on our cross country hunters pace course.

Pot Likker
We’re busy harvesting fresh greens in the garden each morning.  Sweetened from the first frosts, dip into tasty collards, kale, mustard and turnip greens, and don’t forget to sop with a biscuit or cornbread!

Paddle amongst the Colors
This year, the leaves are at their peak in the first half of this month. Join one of our adventure guides to see the Smoky Mountains at its finest.

Hunt for Big Browns
Fall is the time of year the brown trout of the region spawn. This brings these beautiful fish out of their normal hiding spots and gives you the chance to sight-cast at these elusive trout. The spawn usually occurs in early November, after which the fish are hungry and usually willing to take a fly.

Harvest Festival
Meet our artisans and enjoy our Harvest Festival held every Saturday in November and only in November at the Yallarhammer Pavilion!

Crackling Fire
 Join the gardeners in the shed and warm yourself by the roaring woodstove. Sip hot cider and hear about forgotten ways and the old-time lore of the Smoky Mountains. Some of the tales are even true!

Relax after Dinner
For the month of November, finish your day with a massage. We have extended our spa hours so that you can enjoy dinner at 6:00 pm and return to your room for an 8:15 pm massage. We can also do a couples massage or add champagne and chocolate covered strawberries to make it a royal treatment!

Fall in the Oak
We have Annie Modica fall harvest trays and lazy susans.  These are lovely pieces to serve fall farm favorites such as Fromage Blanc and Pimento Cheese Popcorn.

You're not Finished
Have a glass of the rare 1977 Garaffiera port after dinner.