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Oh my Darlin'

There are several ways to celebrate during the month of February.  Roses, candy, cards, getaways, and Champagne are just a few.  In choosing Champagne, there are several different ways to enjoy it.  By adding the smooth taste of Belle Meade Bourbon, the sweetness of St. Germain, and the fresh juice of a clementine, the Oh My Darlin’ cocktail is mastered.  Inspired by a drink that one of our chefs makes for his wife at home, this cocktail is balanced, fresh, and bubbly.  

Oh My Darlin’

½ ounce of Belle Meade Bourbon Whiskey
¼ ounce of St. Germain
1 ounce of fresh clementine juice

In a champagne flute, build the cocktail in the order listed above.  Garnish with a long clementine corkscrew twist.

Graham Case, Bar Manager / Mixologist