Blackberry Farm

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Paired Perfectly for the Holidays

Looking for the perfect gift?  Blackberry Farm has “paired perfectly” several Farmstead items that are sure to make a lasting impression this season.  Give as a gift or take to a party!

Tiny Tomatoes - Fromage Blanc 
Take this canape to any party! (as shown in the photo above)
Shop:  Tiny Tomatoes and Fromage Blanc

Aged Cheddar Pimento Cheese – Bread and Butter Pickles
Put a little Aged Cheddar Pimento Cheese on a cracker and top with a Bread and Butter Pickle.
Shop: Aged  Cheddar Pimento Cheese and Bread and Butter Pickles

Ramp Jam – Singing Brook Cheese
Mix Ramp Jam into your twice baked potatoes and top with a few tablespoons of Singing Brook Cheese and bacon.
Shop: Ramp Jam and Singing Brook Cheese

Peanut Butter – Blueberry Jam
Always a classic pair, everyone loves Peanut Butter and a Farmstead Jam.
Shop: Peanut Butter and Blueberry Jam

Salumi – Pickled Okra
Simply slice the Salumi and serve alongside some Pickled Okra.
Shop: Salumi and Pickled Okra

Preserved Blueberries – Blackberry Farm Blue Cheese
The sweetness of Preserved Blueberries makes a great addition to serve along side the Blackberry Farm Blue Cheese.
Shop: Preserved Blueberries and Blackberry Farm Blue Cheese

Cornbread Mix – Chow Chow
A classic southern pairing is to have cornbread and chow chow with your beans.  If you really want to go southern serve with glass of buttermilk on the side!
Shop: Cornbread Mix and Chow Chow

Singing Brook Cheese – Smoked Onion Jam
Enjoy the best grilled cheese with Singing Brook Cheese and add some Smoked Onion Jam
Shop: Singing Brook Cheese and Smoked Onion Jam

Grain & Nut – Fromage Blanc
Form Fromage Blanc into small, palm-sized balls, and encrust each ball with crushed Grain and Nut for a great snack.
Shop: Grain & Nut and Fromage Blanc

Waffle Mix – Maple Syrup
Simply perfect gluten free Waffles topped with Maple Syrup!
Shop: Waffle Mix and Maple Syrup

Biscuit Mix – Southern Grape Jam
“Serve HOT – there is nothing better than hot biscuits”
Shop: Biscuit Mix and Southern Grape Jam

Griddle Cake Mix – Pumpkin & Pear Butter
Combine Pumpkin & Pear Butter with your favorite syrup and give a seasonal taste to gluten free griddle cakes!
Shop: Griddle Cake Mix and Pumpkin & Pear Butter

Tiny Tomatoes – Basil Pesto
Add a garden fresh finish to pasta or pizza; create a little summer time in the snow!
Shop: Tiny Tomatoes and Basil Pesto