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Peppermint Mule

Most people who have spent a lot of time around me know that I don't have a sweet tooth.  However, when I was a kid I could remember eating peppermint nougats at my grandmother's house during the Holidays, by the handful. They are by far one of my favorites.  This is the perfect way to enjoy one of your favorite Holiday treats and make it a little easier to tolerate the family. 

                1 Bag Peppermint Nougats
                1 Liter Vodka (Stoli works fine)
                ½ Liter Clear Rum
                6 oz. Ginger Ale (per drink)
                In a large container, big enough to hold 2 liters of liquid, with a lid, place unwrapped Nougats and add the vodka and rum.  Let sit 2 hours.  Shake vigorously making sure one hand is on top of the lid, so that it does not come off.  Let sit overnight and repeat the shaking.  The idea is to get all the nougats to dissolve.  This may take some work, but it is worth it.  There will be a pink foam that forms on top of the liquid, this is fine.  In fact the foam has the most potent peppermint flavor.  I like to place the liquid in the freezer for a few hours before serving, this way it is super cold and the foam on top is thick.  To make the drink, shake the liquid before pouring it into a rocks glass with ice, top with Ginger Ale.  The drink will foam up a bit almost like a Ramos Gin Fizz.