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Ways to Use Pickled Beets and Strawberries

We rounded up some ideas from the artisans and chefs of how to use this unique product in different ways than you would naturally expect!

Top grilled brushcetta with Brebis and Pickled Beets and Strawberries for a tangy appetizer that is perfect for warming up your taste buds.

Toss the beets and strawberries in with some of our favorite greens either arugula or mache for a great Beet Salad!

Lightly warm with a bit of garlic and butter to create a delicious garnish for a roasted salmon dish.

Dress up your favorite vegetable stew recipe with a touch of pickled beets and strawberries to adorn the finished bowl. Not only does the bright red pickled produce give some brightness to the dish, it will also give some brightness to the taste!

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