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Ways to Use Pumpkin and Pear Butter

We are constantly pushing ourselves to keep the ingredients that we use special and pure.  We took some of our heirloom pumpkins and sweetened them with local pears in both raw form and pressed pear cider.  With this silky fall butter, it is easy to spread it on warm toast and eat an entire jar. It's also versatile, making it easy to take some great desserts to the next level by topping cheesecake or making pie filling our of this scrumptious butter.

Give your favorite stack cake recipe a facelift, and replace the filling with Pumpkin and Pear.  Great for the holiday season!

Cream Cheese. Pumpkin and Pear Butter.  Bagel.  Enough said…this is delicious in the early morning.

Easy topping for your favorite cheese cake recipe, we prefer a Brebis cheese cake…let us know if you want the recipe!

Mix in with your favorite yogurt for a healthy snack for morning or afternoon.

Combine with favorite syrup to give a seasonal taste to your griddle cakes!

It pairs well with your homemade white bean soup.

Another great classic mini biscuit idea from Chef Josh Feathers, is paper thinly sliced Benton's Country Ham with Pumpkin  and Pear Butter which is great for the holiday season. Click here for a few more ideas!

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