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Roundtable on Rhône

When we invited legendary vintner John Alban to host a celebration of Rhône wines with us in 2009, we knew we were in for a good time. But we had no idea just how contagious our passion for these wonderfully unassuming wines would be—and how Hospice du Rhône would become one of the biggest parties of the year. Friends who share our enthusiasm for Rhône varietals flock to the farm each Spring to compare winemaking styles, meet innovative vintners, explore extraordinary cuisine and, of course, taste, taste, taste. It’s a high-energy plunge into surprise, joy and discovery—much like Rhône wine itself.

Andy Chabot
Food & Beverage Director
“I think Grenache is the Pinot Noir of the future. It is elegant, spicy and really friendly for food. Maybe someone will make a movie about it, and before we know it, growers will be tearing up cab vineyards to plant Grenache!”

Jason Drotar
“Experiment! Each bottle is a lesson learned, and in the Rhône wines, there are more princes than frogs. Fun fact: in the 1940s, there were so many reported sightings of UFOs that the village of Châteauneuf-du- Pape banned UFOs from landing.”

Logan Griffin
“Rhône wines are special because it seems as if they are all designed to be paired with food rather than to be stand-alone wines. Viognier is the greatest shellfish pairing wine you’re likely to find. Especially great with scallops!”

We are thrilled to welcome NetJets as a sponsor to our 8th annual Hospice du Rhône, this May 4–7. Head over to our Events page to learn more about Hospice du Rh