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Seed Stories

Every seed has a story to tell. In some cases we may not know the full story of a given seed, but that seed still has a story to tell from the earliest days of that seed's history.

Every time I discover a seed that I have never seen before, a number of questions run through my mind. Where is the place of origin for this seed? Who were the first people to make use of this variety as a food source? What are the requirements for growing this variety? How was it utilized as a food source? After pondering these questions, I begin to think about all the people who have maintained this seed down the years.

I imagine all of the hands that have held these seeds and dropped them into warm soil in late Spring, thus preserving the cycle of preservation of any given variety. All of the heritage varieties of my collection represent the numerous individuals who have take the responsibility of being the caretakers of seeds, which would otherwise be lost and unavailable for future generations.

In addition to being a seed saver, I also practice what is known as memory banking. It is the recording of the varieties history and any other information pertaining to the growing and uses of the variety.

John Coykendall, Master Gardener