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Ways to Use Singing Brook Cheese

Get creative in the kitchen with your favorite Blackberry Farm products. Singing Brook Cheese is more versatile than you think, so read below to find out a few of our favorite ways to enjoy!

We all loved Macaroni and Cheese as kids, but now your more experienced palate can enjoy this classic dish, with Chef Feather’s twist using Blackberry Farm’s Singing Brook Cheese.  Click here for your new favorite recipe, Singing Brook Macaroni and Cheese recipe!
Go cheesy at breakfast by stirring shredded Singing Brook into your hot grits. It will give your morning started right!

Simply slice and serve alongside some other great Blackberry Farm preserves, pickles or charcuterie, and create a cheese plate with Brebis, Downer Brown, Magnolia, Mountain Maid!

Make it your favorite topping whether you are sprinkling it on top of a salad or a pasta dish. Keep that grater and a pound of Singing Brook handy!

Enjoy the best grilled cheese with melted Singing Brook Cheese and add some Smoked Onion Jam!

Make a “go to” canapes with toasted bread! Start with 1 to 1 1/2 tablespoons of Fromage Blanc Cheese  spread on grilled or toasted bread.  You ideally would want the bread to be no bigger than 2 bites.  Add 1 teaspoon Tomato Jam, 8 pieces of Toasted Pinenuts, Fresh Arugula leaf,  a shaved piece of our Singing Brook Cheese and a drizzle of Georgia Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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