Blackberry Farm

Friends of the Farm

Strawberries & Cream

Maggie Davidson, Pastry Chef

makes 15
In a small saucepan, bring to a simmer:
1 ½ cup half & half
 ¾ cup golden cane sugar
 ½ vanilla bean, split & scraped Whisk in:
4 sheets Bronze gelatin, softened in cold water and drained
Allow this mixture to come to room temperature, then whisk into:
2 ½ cups Cruze Farm buttermilk, room temperature

Pour into dome molds that are on a towel-lined half sheet pan.  Chill to set.

In a large bowl, combine:
4 quart strawberries
 ½ cup golden cane sugar
 Juice of one lemon

Cover securely with plastic wrap and place over a pan of boiling water.  Make sure water does not touch the bottom of the bowl, but also make sure the water does not boil away while the consommé is working.  Cook until the strawberries look tired and spent, about one hour.  Remove from heat and let the strawberries steep for one more hour off heat.  Strain without pushing through the mesh.  The spent strawberries may be pureed and used for sorbet, ice cream or sauce.  Chill the consommé.

In the mixer with paddle, cream very well:
1 lb. butter
4 ounces powdered sugar

Add, mixing just until combined:
1 lb. 1 oz. bread flour
1 Tablespoon ground pink peppercorns

Roll dough between two sheets of parchment to about 1/4 “ thick.  Chill for one hour, then bake for 5 minutes.  Cut with the scalloped cutter that just fits in the dome molds and return the sheet pan to the oven to dry the cookies slightly.  Remove from oven and allow to cool completely before removing from the sheet pan.