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Strawberries and Cream

Laurence Faber, Sous Chef in The Barn, has dreamed up a sweet summer treat of Strawberries and Cream featuring farm fresh macerated and compressed strawberries accompanying a silky strawberry cream.
Vanilla bean olive oil is drizzled over the presentation of strawberries, and foraged wood sorrel and wild blooms garnish the dish for bright pops of color. A Curly Dock granita adds a snowy finish over the dish for a perfectly balanced and refreshing summer dessert.

Curly Dock Granita
2 cups packed Curly Dock, cut into inch pieces
Juice of 2 Lemons
1 pint Water
½ cup Water
1 cup of Sugar
Puree the Curly Dock with the water and then strain through a cheesecloth. Bring the ½ cup of water to a simmer and melt the sugar into it. Let cool. Once the water is cool, add it to the Curly Dock water and then add the lemon juice. Freeze in a stainless steel container.

Compressed Strawberries
2 Strawberries, cut into coins
1 T Apple Vinegar
1 T Vanilla Olive Oil (Olive oil with vanilla bean added)
Mix the strawberries and the vinegar and olive oil, then vacuum seal to compress them.

Fresh Strawberries
3 Strawberries, halved
1 T Sugar
1 T Vanilla Olive Oil
Macerate the strawberries with the sugar and olive oil.

Strawberry Cream
1 cup Cream
1/2 cup Freeze Dried Strawberries
2 T Sugar
1 Vanilla Bean
Puree the freeze dried strawberries in a blender to turn into a powder. Sift the powder into the cream, then add the vanilla bean and sugar. Whisk until incorporated and then whip to soft peaks.

To Plate: Form a quenelle of the Strawberry Cream and place it in a bowl. Arrange the fresh and compressed strawberries to the right of the cream. Use a fork to scrape the granita into snow, then spoon to the left of the cream.